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Let’s work together

I feel honored that you are interested in working with me. You’d like to have me in your team for a while? You have a challenging software project for me? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Team Rockstars IT

Hands-on capacity

Do you want to hire me for a temporary or long-term project to really make an impact? Please contact my friends at Team Rockstars IT to discuss the possibilities.


Small requests

Do you need help developing or maintaining a small application or website? Feel free to send me a good old-fashioned email or slide into my DMs on LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions

Which aspects would you like to see reflected in your projects?

I like a challenge, clear vision and room for my own input when you hire me for a project.

What do I need to know about you?

I’m not a typical IT geek who is only interested in the latest techniques and tools; I’d love to hear about the personal lives of the people I work with as well.

How do colleagues describe you?

“Stijn wants to develop continuously and learns quickly. He is sociable, helpful, friendly, hardworking, motivated and works in a structured way.”

What programming languages and techniques can you work with?

I am mainly concerned with writing quality code according to well-known design principles. The specific programming languages or techniques I have to work with don’t matter much to me, as I get the hang of it quickly; a matter of getting used to the syntax.

Can you tell me some funny facts about you?

At the age of 12 I was already looking for parts with which I built my first own computer. That gave me the possibility to start my own radio station with weekly live programs from about 25 volunteering DJs from The Netherlands.

What are your greatest hobbies besides programming?

I never get bored. My biggest hobbies are sim racing, photography, reading and especially traveling.